Live Music for Charlie’s Irish Pub located in the Historic Water Street Inn, in downtown Stillwater
Charlie’s Pub features live music every Friday & Saturday night from
7:30 to 11:30


October 2 & 3Â


Hounds of Finn

Leslie Rich is a singer/songwriter from Belfast, Northern Ireland. He performs solo and also backed by the beautifully monikered Rocket Soul Choir – An ever changing and adapting group presently a tight four piece. He has played Minneapolis, New York City, Finland, California and around the Midwest.
October 9 & 10

 Paul and Lorraine
Paul and Lorraine have been playing Irish music together for a couple of years now, starting with the rouge folk band Folk Under Ground and then splitting off to form their own duo.  Paul and Lorraine play Irish music. All sorts of Irish music and Scottish music, and English music, some original music and a whole lot of songs where people get sent to prison in Australia forever.  Something for everyone lots of Drinking, lots of lots of losing your love forever, plenty of Death, Doom and Destruction and Happy little nights in the Pub. Not to mention some of the best Irish Fiddle Tunes going.  They like to have fun. They like to take requests and will play just about anything, if they know just about half of it

October 16 &17

 Tom Dahill

“Tom Dahill is one of the best entertainers playing Irish Music. He’ll have you singing the party peice you practiced since you were a kid or dancing an Irish jig for the first time in your life. Tom is a well rounded performer and very easy to work with”
October 23

Reverse Cowboys

Cody McKinney (Bass, Guitar, Vocals), Scottie Devlm (Guitar, Banjo, Vocals). Reverse Cowboys came about by blending two individual musical histories to interpret Irish music. They have seamlessly filtered traditional and contemporary Irish music through their long touring and recording history in the American music tradition. Scottie has been playing most of his life learning from his father and Cody studied at Berkley College of Music in Boston. Their influences include Steppenwolf, Flogging Molly, and the Young Dubliners.

October 24

 Irish Brigade
Featuring Mike Wallace and Joe Smith. A consummate stage performer Mike has been happy to spend his time on stage with such great performers as Peter Yeates, Steve Mulligan, Joe Burk, Noel Hill, Paddy O’Brien, and Larry Nugent not to mention his original partner in the The Irish Brigade Gerry Goodwin god rest his soul or current partners Sean Conway and Darren Crossey. Joe’s outstanding vocals combined with his mastery of a wide range of instruments makes him a great performer to watch and listen to. He is a native son of Minnesota but has Irish music in his blood and has been playing most of his life.
October 30 & 31

Barry Nelson
 Born in Belfast Co. Antrim Ireland. Barry has been playing music since his early teens performing in Ireland, England, Denmark, and Sweden currently based in Virginia U.S.A. He has crisscrossed the U.S.A. many times from Cape Cod to Florida, Maryland to Minnesota. He has played with Coribb Folk, Pennywhistle, and as a solo artist for the former Irish Prime Minster Albert Reynolds and President Ronald Regan. He is never short of a toast, song or story so come listen sing and party with Barry Nelson. This is a “don’t miss” show so come in and catch Barry and a special guest at work, call it that work or not it’s a lot of fun to watch listen and sing a long. Barry often plays in the Twin Cities with Brendan Sheridan (accordian, tin whistle, 5-string banjo guitar, vocals): Brendan has a great command of all the instruments he plays as well as having a wonderful old style voice that brings out the best in his large repertoire of songs. Brendan has a fun collection of songs and tunes from the classic Pericy French songs from his own part of Ireland to a bunch of very nice “old time” American classics too. Otherwise Barry plays with a large variety of local musicians when he comes to town either way this is a “don’t miss” show so come in and catch Barry and his friends at work,… if we dare call it that. Work or not it’s a lot of fun to watch listen and sing a long.

November 6 & 7
Paul and Lorraine


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