Featuring Jameson 18 Year and Paddy's Old Irish Whiskeys

Featuring Jameson 18 Year and Paddy's Old Irish Whiskeys


MARCH 11, 2010

Charlie’s Restaurant at the Historic Water Street Inn

Guest Speaker Liam Scott


Butler passed Hors dourves

~ Served with John Power’s “Gold Label” ~

Powers was the first whiskey distiller to practice the art of bottling their own whiskey. This was to ensure consistent quality up to that time whiskey was sold in cask to Whiskey Bonders. The distillery bottled brand was called Power’s Gold Label to distinguish it from Powers White label which was the Bonders’ brand



Chopstick Spinach & Asian Tea Spiced Swordfish

with Mandarin Oranges and Soy-Scallion Dressing

~ Served with John Jameson ~

John Jameson’s Dublin distillery was founded in 1780.  When Jameson discovered that certain strains of barley made a superior whiskey he persuaded local farmers to grow them by providing seed grain every spring.  Jameson is the world’s no. 1 Selling Irish whiskey, enjoyed in 112 countries across the globe.

Second Course

Grilled Vegetable Stack with Melted, Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella

With Sun-Dried Tomato and Basil Pesto

~ Served with Jameson 12 Year~

Jameson 12 Year Old is the best known aged whiskey in the family of Jameson premium whiskeys. The whiskey offers a taste promise of unrivaled quality and smoothness, and is a great choice to enter the world of Premium Irish whiskeys. Jameson 12 Year Old is an exceptionally smooth whiskey and has complex flavors of toasted wood, spice and sherry, superbly mellowed.

Main Course

Bone-In Charred Rib Eye with Steamed Broccoli & Cuban Fries

Served with Chimichurry

~ Served with Jameson 18 Year ~

Its mellow, complex taste and lingering finale of wood, spice and toffee have been deftly created by the Master Blender; his hand-picked selection of no fewer than three exquisitely poised whiskeys serving as the light, shade and foreground used to craft this unique blend. Dutifully matured for no less than 18 years in a combination of bourbon and oloroso sherry casks, it’s given a final finish in fresh fill American bourbon barrels.


S’mores Stack with Irish Whiskey Cream

~ Paddy’s Old Irish Whiskey ~

On the nose this Irish Whiskey is fresh and lively, as well as aromatic. The initial tasting leads to a complex interplay of nutty maltiness, woodland fragrances and spice, with hints of honey and vanilla. The taste is mild, soft, and with a touch of sweet oil and spiciness. Good background notes of honey, vanilla, toasted wood.

$69.95 per person – reservations required

Price includes two premium cigars

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