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Live Music, Charlie’s Irish Pub, Downtown Stillwater, Friday & Saturday

June 8th, 2008 by avadmin

Charlie’s Pub features live music every

Friday & Saturday nights from

7:30 to 11:30

June 6 & 7 Erin Rogue

Erin Rogue — playing sweet traditional Irish tunes in ways you never imagined, and rocking out on
spirited jigs and reels that will get your fingers tapping and your feet moving.
They make Irish music cook and appeal to all ages, especially big kids who like to get excited about something.
And that’s no Blarney!

June 13 &14 Two Tap Trio

Brian Miller (guitar, vocals, Irish flute, whistles) Nathan Gourley (Fiddle), Norah Rendell (flute, vocals) The Two Tap Trio had its genesis in the Fall of 2005 when Vancouver singer and flute player Norah Rendell and Twin Cities guitarist Brian Miller found themselves both on musical pilgrimages in Ireland. 2007 finds Norah and Brian both living in Minneapolis with a debut duo album of gorgeous traditional and contemporary folk songs and driving Irish dance tunes, Wait There Pretty One, out in October. The addition of young fiddler Nathan Gourley makes for a live show that fans of Irish music with strong traditional roots and top notch musicality won’t want to miss

June 20 & 21 Paul and Lorraine

So, our next shows at Charlie’s Pub are June 20th and 21st, and Charlie’s being the special place that it is, we are going to record both nights. We have the sound engineer, Matt, who we met at Convergence, we have an idea of what we are doing, we will be having some live blogging and, hopefully, if Danguy can figure out how to do it, a live web cast going on!

All we need is YOU. Because it is not a show without you. You know who you are, you are anyone who has ever come down and spent an evening, with a pint or two, at Charlie’s, listening to us play, fall on our faces, and rocking the Irish in your soul.

June 27 & 28 Tom Dahill

Tom Dahill is one of the best entertainers playing Irish Music. He’ll have you singing the party piece you practiced since you were a kid or dancing an Irish jig for the first time in your life. Tom is a well rounded performer and very easy to work with”

“His show is spontaneous and flows with the mood of the audience. From quite ballads to the rowdy and comical, and on the political, songs woven together with rich Irish stories that lead you through the culture and robust life of the Irish.”