Charlie’s Pub features live music every Friday & Saturday nights from 7:30 to 11:30

May 2 & 3 Tom Dahill

Tom Dahill is one of the best entertainers playing Irish Music. He’ll have you singing the party piece you practiced since you were a kid or dancing an Irish jig for the first time in your life. Tom is a well rounded performer and very easy to work with” “His show is spontaneous and flows with the mood of the audience. From quite ballads to the rowdy and comical, and on the political, songs woven together with rich Irish stories that lead you through the culture and robust life of the Irish.”

May 9 & 10 Paul & Lorraine

Paul and Lorraine have been playing Irish music together for a couple of years now, starting with the rouge folk band Folk UnderGround and then splitting off to form their own duo. Paul and Lorraine play Irish music. All sorts of Irish music. And Scottish music, and English music, some original music and a whole lot of songs where people get sent to prison in Australia forever. Something for everyone. Lots of Drinking, lots of lots of losing your love forever, plenty of Death, Doom and Destruction and Happy little nights in the Pub. Not to mention some of the best Irish Fiddle Tunes going. They like to have fun. They like to take requests and will play just about anything, if they know just about half of it. Someday they will learn all the words to Puff the Magic Dragon. (Why this song is so requested in Irish Bars they do not know, but their audiences seem to love it and are happy to sing it. At least the first verse. Over and Over.) They will play the Unicorn song for free. Once If Paul has too much whisky, he will play Freebird for you. (This is sometimes more fun than it sounds. Trust them) they will play the Irish Washerwomen (Re-titled simply The Irish Song) at least once a set. (Again, trust them)

May 16 & 17 Mike Wallace & Joe Smith

(Mike is

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