A Beginner’s Guide to Planning Corporate Retreats

Corporate retreats continue to increase in popularity as more people make it back into the office or companies strive to bring remote employees together. That’s because communication is better when it happens in person. According to Harvard Business Review, face-to-face communication and collaboration are 34 times more effective than virtual methods. However, a few things to know before planning your next retreat. This beginner’s guide will cover the essentials.

Consider the Goal

Corporate retreats usually have a specific goal in mind. For example, many employers utilize conference rooms to have brainstorming sessions. You should see employees working better together or teach them practical communication skills. Other employers use retreats as an opportunity for employees to relax together to avoid burnout. Your goal will help you plan the entire retreat.

Plan the Activities

Having everyone huddled around a conference table to bounce around ideas is excellent, but you’ll need to plan more than that for a week-long getaway. Consider the goal when you plan activities. Then, look at what the surrounding area has to offer. Most hotels offer conference room space you can schedule in advance. Plan meals, and decide whether you’ll enjoy alcoholic beverages. Consider taking a boat ride or another activity to relax.

Know the Budget

Most companies pay for retreats and only require employees to pay for their travel costs. However, more businesses are asking employees to cover their fair share of the trip for optional retreats. It’s essential to know how the trip will be paid for and the budget before you start planning events or where you will stay.

Include Downtime

While a company retreat is about bringing employees together and crushing goals, including plenty of downtime is essential. This is especially important if you have a few members of your team who are more introverted or you don’t know everyone on the team very well. It ensures that everyone has time to recharge their social battery if needed. Consider leaving a portion of the day open every day.

Choosing the right location is paramount to ensuring a successful retreat. Our gorgeous hotel can accommodate up to 300 guests. The ideal waterfront location guarantees everyone will feel relaxed and creative. Contact Water Street Inn today to learn more about our event planning!

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