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5 Questions You Should Ask a Pet Friendly Hotel Before Booking a Room

According to a recent OnePoll survey, two-thirds of respondents feel they need a vacation once they feel burnt out from their daily lives. Therefore, you may be planning a trip with your furry friend! Be sure to ask these key questions when booking pet friendly hotels to ensure it’s truly a great fit for you and your pet.

1. What Are Your Pet Policies?

Don’t assume all pet friendly hotels have the same rules. Ask about size restrictions, the number of pets allowed per room, and any breed prohibitions. Are there fees for your pet? What paperwork or vaccination proof is required upon check-in? Knowing policies upfront prevents surprises down the road.

2. What Amenities Are Available for Pets?

Of course, you’ll want to know the basics like room types and rates. However, also ask about amenities specifically for pets. Is there an outdoor relief area? Are there pet walking services? Does the hotel provide food/water bowls, beds, clean-up bags, or treats? Find out what’s included to pamper your furry travel buddy.

3. How Is the Property Set Up for Pets?

Understand the hotel layout and whether pets are restricted from any public areas like the lobby, pool, or dining room. Are their relief areas directly accessible from rooms? Are the backs of buildings quieter for nervous pets? Is there easy access to walking trails or parks nearby? Details like these help you select the right room.

4. What Is Your Cleaning Protocol Between Pet Guests?

Be sure to ask how pet friendly hotels handle cleaning between guests to minimize dander, allergens, or odors. Do they use specialized pet-friendly cleaners? Are air filters and HVAC systems optimized? The right protocols ensure a comfortable stay for you, your pet, and the next guests.

5. How Are Your Staff Trained to Interact with Pets?

Well-trained staff members make all the difference in ensuring a smooth trip with your pet. Ask how employees are instructed to interact with visiting pets. Do they know how to read dog/cat body language? What’s the procedure if your pet has an issue during the stay? The ideal pet friendly hotel has thoughtful training.

By asking the right questions upfront, you can identify the perfect accommodation for a safe, happy, and memorable trip with your favorite furry companion by your side. If you’re looking to get away and want to travel with your pet, we would love to host you. Call Water Street Inn today to book a reservation.

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